We provide top-class decontamination services, rental and retail of cleanroom garments & apparels since 1995

Micronclean is an organisation which operates world-wide to provide specialised products and services embracing contamination control and cleanroom clothing management.

Today , we serve various industries that require micro-contamination control services.  The Semiconductor foundries , Medical Devices Manufacturing firms,  Biotech Start-ups, Hard Disc Drive Assembly, Pharmaceuticals Plants, Aerospace Component Production are just some of the many sectors that require Cleanroom Apparel and Decontamination Services.

Micronclean provide the following services:

  • Aseptic & Non-Aseptic Workwear Decontamination ( Cleanroom and Non -Cleanroom)
  • Rental & Retail of Aseptic & Non-Aseptic Workwear ( Cleanroom and Non-Cleanroom)
  • Garment Management Solutions
  • Apparel  Dispensing Solutions
  • Sterilization Services for Workwear & Parts
  • Precision Parts ( Wafer carriers, Cassettes, FOUPs, trays, etc) Cleaning Services