Cleanroom Service Solutions

Garment Services

We offer top-class decontamination (laundry) services, cost-effective rental and retail of cleanroom garments. We also manage your garments inventory for your convenience, so you can focus on your core business.

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Garment Dispensers

Meet Polytex, the state-of-art automated garments dispensing and collection system.

The Polytex systems are bedroom cabinet sized units which can be placed anywhere required. When employees arrive at work, they swipe their identification card and select their uniform for the day, which is then dispensed via the automated dispensing system. At the end of the working day, employees again swipe their identification card at the return unit. The number, and/or type of garment is pre-assigned per employee. Polytex is managed and controlled by the site management team.

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Consumable Supplies

For over 35 years, Micronclean has focused on contamination control products for companies in the pharma, healthcare, microelectronic, aerospace and semiconductor industries. As a result, we are incredibly proud of our cleanroom consumables range which we have sold to over 30 countries around the world.